Hair on Hides 

We present finest highest quality Hair on Hides products manufactured according to the strictest international market demands in a full fit range of colors, textures and forms used in fashion allover the globe. Brazil origin.
 Natural Shape

Hair on Hides - Natural Shape

Cow leather with special chrome tanning, keeping the original animal colors.

​A range of 20 European breed and assorted colors.



Home Decor  Rugs 

​Manufactured - 100% cow leather with hairs. Commercialized with full rectangular and square modules, coming in various colors and sizes.

Shoes & Hand Bag Stenciles 

​Dyed - made out of cow leather colored with special dies for hairs, ensuring different colors and keeping its characteristics for long periods of time.

Stenciled - made with cow leather, specially tanned in chrome, rigorously selected to ensure quality and style for the most varied and exotic animal looks found in nature.